“The workout for fathers!”
“The best book for daddys!”
“The best new books for dads!”

What is DaddyFit?

DaddyFit is a workout consisting of 12 simple exercises that have been developed with the aid and experience of many daddies, a personal trainer, a midwife and a psychologist. 

What’s special about it: 
Daddies exercise together with their kids. This not only strengthens daddies muscles, but also the sense of basic trust and the father-child relationship. 

You won’t need any equipment for DaddyFit, thus it can be done together with this ‘weight’ that grows along with you – any time, any place. 

And since it’s best for daddy to leave the baby belly to the baby, DaddyFit training is complete with some basic nutritional information. 

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Why daddies need muscles

After birth, your baby is as light as a feather and you can easily carry it around for hours without losing that nonchalant facial expression of yours. But, day after day, it will become heavier, your biceps will start twitching, and that nonchalant expression will be replaced by a stressed one. Not cool. You will need power to keep your cool now. 

But there are more reasons: Strong muscles improve your metabolism, burn fat and create energy. They warm your body, support your brain function and improve your mental activity. Strong muscles strengthen your immune system and protect your internal organs. 

Sports and the associated muscle-building help to make you feel more balanced and happier. Maybe it will have the same eff ect on your wife, too ;)

All you need for the DaddyFit training

A fitness device that grows along with you and makes you happy.

A strong father-child relationship is a matter of training

A bond is an invisible tie connecting two people to one another. An important part of shaping this attachment behaviour takes place within the first two years of a child’s life. 

DaddyFit helps to playfully establish this invisible tie by making daddies spend lots of time with their offspring. Science believes that babies and toddlers who can build on communion, closeness, security and the care of their parents right from the start develop a sense of basic trust for their future life, making them healthier, more caring, more stress-resistant, and happier. 

But this valuable time spent together is not only good for the little ones. The physical and emotional closeness also strengthens daddy, because strong relationships between people are the basis for vitality and security. 

And that’s a fact. 

Safety First!

Even though it is a known fact that daddies never need instructions, we simply have to make an exception to the rule here. For example: some of the DaddyFit exercises should  only be done when your baby is old enough and strong enough to support its body on its own. 


Daddy's food

DaddyFit is not a book about nutrition. But daddies who strive for more power in everyday situations, and prefer to leave a soft baby belly to the babies, should follow some basic rules regarding nutrition. 

That’s why this short chapter offers hungry daddies who never dealt with nutrition before some brief advice that might help you to be more aware of what you eat.

Team behind papafit

Christian Rosenbrock

Personal Trainer

For many years, Christian has been busy keeping his clients in shape. He contributed his knowledge to this book and impressed us all by modelling for our illustrator.

Lisa Brockmann


Lisa knows how daddies should hold their babies because she has helped around 250 families to give birth to their children over the years. For years, she has also been counselling mummies and daddies after giving birth.


Clara Rödig


Clara has been studying people’s psyches and working with children and teenagers for over ten years now. Her expertise on father-child relationships has had a huge impact on this book.

Van Data

Studio for Illustration and design

Michael, aka Van Data, dedicated his illustrational skills to the making of this book.


Felix Schulz


As of the date of this book’s publication, Felix is neither a daddy yet nor lacking time and/or sleep – still, he gathered the combined knowledge of befriended daddies in DaddyFit. The idea struck him when a friend told him that he didn’t have time to do sports anymore and therefore slowly gained weight ever since becoming a dad. A year later, Felix handed him this book.

The Book in Details